Bernhard Philberth and Karl Philberth: independent physicists, engineers, and Catholic priests.

This website provides informationen about the life and work of Bernhard Philberth und Karl Philberth:
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  • 2020-03-25: News from the PH Foundation

    The PH Foundation for the education of underprivileged young people in the Republic of the Philippines was founded in 1986 by the German physicists and Catholic priests Bernhard and Karl Philberth; it is administered by the Missionary Benedictine Sisters, who operate 19 communities throughout the nation.

    Since the death of Fr Bernhard Philberth († 2010), it rests on the shoulders of Rev. Fr Prof Dr Karl Philberth, with the active support of Dr Walter Uhlenbruch AO KLJ, and ably assisted by Messrs Justin Bergman and Volker Ankenbrand, all three residents of Australia.

    Although Dr Uhlenbruch has regularly visited the foundation in Manila for many years, last December (2019) was the first time that the triumvirate from Australia jointly flew to Manila, at their own expense, to meet with the Sisters and many of the Philberth scholars in Malate/Metro Manila.

    From left to right: Ms Nonna Arceno, Rev. Mother Adelaida Ygrubay OSB, Mr Justin Bergman, Dr Walter Uhlenbruch AO KLJ, Mr Volker Ankenbrand, Procurator Sr Marianne Razon OSB, Sr Constance Tecson OSB

    Ever since 1986, the foundation has financed the education of an increasing number of scholars. Since 2011/12, an annual number of 500 scholars has been maintained.

    This was possible because the funds are invested in Australia and the returns, until now, have enabled the foundation to maintain this level of activity. Unfortunately, this is no longer so.

    Recently, the ever-decreasing interest rates on investments, combined with the weakening of the Australian dollar, have led to a deterioration of funds available for future scholarships. This would be most regrettable because the Philippines are still a developing nation where much help can be provided with relatively modest means.

    It is our fervent desire that we may find ways to ensure the uninterrupted continuation of the PH Foundation.

    The three Australian visitors are shown in the centre of the Philberth scholars at their Advent function on 1 December 2019.

Waltraud Uhlenbruch

A Scientist Experiences God: Bernhard Philberth – Recollections and Thoughts

In this book, the renowned physicist, author and – since 1972 – also priest, Bernhard Philberth, talks about his life. He gives a candid account of his mystical experiences, his discoveries and inventions, his extraordinary path to the priesthood, his family, his public engagements and much more.

The book also contains some contributions by his brother, Prof. Dr. Karl Philberth, about Bernhard himself and his concepts in physics. There is also a chapter on the PH Foundation, which he established for the education of poor Philippine students and financed together with his brother Karl. The book also features a few brief testimonies by Philberth scholars.

Bernhard Philberth’s experiences and thoughts, written down by Waltraud Uhlenbruch, reveal how a man of genius and deep faith allows himself to be inspired and guided by God throughout his life.

Knowledge is only one half. Faith is the other. - Novalis (1772-1801)